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Boyce Thompson Arboretum Daydreams

There are many times when I’m stuck inside dreaming of a different place. In the waiting room of my doctor’s office, eagerly anticipating my Postmates order, or sitting in an...

Easy Adventures to Avoid Public Places

A practical guide to getting around Arizona in search of a safer outdoor activity + a movie/book recommendation. So you are staying at home for a while. It is best...

All Hues of the North AZ

Happy Monday! Watching this morning news made probably quite a lot of people in the Phoenix valley sigh seeing those 90+ F the whole week. Honestly, I’ll take that all...

Camping 101 // Art. Mountains

First time at Yosemite Valley? Book ahead they say... Make sure you're wearing appropriate footwear on 8-hour hikes they say... Stay hydrated in higher elevations they say - so we...


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