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Arizona Desert Flowers

There is a great variety of wild flowers even in desert!

Best time of year to see: Early Spring to Early Fall

Flower gazing? Yes, please!

There is a surprising variety of wildflowers growing throughout the Arizona desert, and it is far worth it to explore the many destinations in which to find them! There are several well known hiking trails that are notorious for having an abundance of beautiful wildflowers in bloom. For most parts of Arizona, the best time of year to experience the flowers at their peak is from early Spring to early Fall.

For example, in the San Tan Mountains where Dynamite Trail is located, there are great spots to indulge yourself in the fauna. Including, (but not limited to) fiddlenecks, scorpionweed, Mexican gold poppies, and brittle brush. Not to mention all the other great areas around Arizona where you can see flowers you would never think grow in such a harsh climate!

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