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What are Sustainable Art Prints?

The gift you choose for a friend or a family member. The style you want to showcase. The story that you relate to and want to remember. From the idea that inspired to the recycled brush and organic hand-made, acid-free watercolor paper or canvas, to the responsibly sourced wood for the frames, there is a statement behind every art print we create. 

Art doesn't have to be selfish for the sake of it. It can also respect the future we are stepping into. When you choose to invest in a piece of art, you can be as conscious about it as you are of the food you eat.

Every detail is essential during the creative process and the impact on the environment that is being portrayed is simply a core part of it.

Organic Hemp Canvas hand made paper

Free of harsh chemicals, kid-friendly, vivid and inspiring - is what matters in sustainable art prints production

And all this fits into a small two-dimensional product that makes sure tomorrow is just a bit nicer so you have a chance to explore a bit more and pick another adventure.

Here's  how Couloir Art Prints are made:

hiking with puppies sketching nature

It all starts with inspiration. We wander around and explore what raw nature has to offer. Dogs are the must companions - who else will recycle dinner leftovers?? 


Then the process moves to the studio, then from paper or canvas through the camera lens to the computer screen and to the printer.  And then kindly to your walls :) Enjoy! And keep wandering!



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