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The Happy Little Accident of Couloir[Art]

A few years ago I was on a trip to Yosemite with my best friend Yana...


During our trip, we stopped in Santa Monica, right along the ocean. After all, what better way to wake up then right next to the ocean! We knew we had parked in the 'day-use only' area but since campsites were limited in Santa Monica we decided to take the chance.

We woke up to an odd mixture of the ocean sounds and people rushing around our campervan. 

To our surprise, we saw a massive filming crew arranging the film set and a quick breakfast! We were trying to rack our brains and think of an explanation for parking overnight as we crawled out of our sleeping bags and opened the sliding door. It was a breath of relief as we found we didn't need one and we could enjoy our morning.

We looked towards the cliffs and the calm ocean waves on the other side of the parking spot and decided to fix some coffee and snacks of our own.

If you haven't had the chance to use a rental campervan, rental campervans usually come with a box of dishes and a small propane stoveI set up a table next to the open trunk, placed the stove, then got out the box with dishes.


It took some effort to figure out the propane connection but as I turned to Yana with the good news of this operation’s success, my proud smile turned into a shocked face when I saw the whole box with cups and plates fall off the trunk of the van.

The whole thing shattered...

Broken Dishes

Instead of letting this deter our day, we packed the glorious stove back, folded the table, swept the broken dishes bits, and headed to the nearest Starbucks to get some much needed caffeine. 

As we were grabbing our coffee and I was pondering over the whole morning the beginnings of Couloir started to take shape in my head.

How great would it be if we didn't have to choose between sturdiness and convenience, while remaining modern and attractive?

I knew I was creative enough to make my art practical and achieve all of the goals we look for when we are on our I put my mind with my art and got to work.

Now Couloir[Art] is found in stores, online, and in many different places. My vision became a reality and I cannot wait to see how it grows and expands. 

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