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When you hear about the dry heat you get all excited. But yet again your shoe soles start melting on the way through the parking lot, you start hearing helicopters patrolling the Camelback Mountain and AC becomes your best friend. Those videos of the frying eggs on the asphalt roads are also true. But Arizona is a great place to live and three months of heat seems like a fair trade for not having to deal with a quarter year of fog and rain and another half year of cold misery. There are ways to embrace the heat too!




chocolate lab puppy drinking water on the trail water drops with a mountain view


Stay hydrated they always say. It is in fact true. If you are too hot - your body sweats to lower its temperature. If you are dehydrated you don't sweat. If you don't sweat - you are having a heat stroke. At least that's what they said on TV today :)


Dripping coffee in the Humphrey's Peak enamel camping coffee mug on top of the Camelback Mountain




Phoenix Risings soccer team coach once claimed in his interview that getting the body adjusted to the heat is the way to go. He explained that he trains his players starting early in the morning by leading them on the 4-6 mile run. This helps them embrace the heat and feel more comfortable during the games and practices. And while there is no need to break the distance record every morning, breaking the sweat does in fact help throughout the day.


Mountaineering book painted on canvas by createdbymasha



How do people survive the winter season in the rest of the world? They struggle on their ways to and from work but then they get cozy indoors. Same advice here. Plenty of options for the lucky Arizonians. Movies, coffee shops, chess, indoors climbing.

Books, maybe? Great resource of smart reading inspirations is Brain Pickings or just google the 2019 bestsellers if you don't feel like questioning yours and the world's existence this Summer. Either way - read your days and nights away! 


10 rules for life - a book by Jordan Peterson on the table next to an original watercolor sketch by createdbymasha


Tree lover hugging a pine with the mountains view in the background



Classically people have traveled to Sedona for the weekend getaway. And while those North spots tend to get a bit busy there are plenty other options that are chill and strive with shade and green grass. One of such directions is Greer in the White Mountains on the East. It is not known for the bigger cities like Flagstaff but there are several low key towns all around the area that will be a great destination for the short trips every now and then. And these trips do help to break down the 3-month heat stroll.


A woman resting in a hammock on the beach



And while the Mediterranean people clearly knew what they were doing when they shut every business during a day heat wave it might not be the plausible reality in the US. However, if you are able to make your routine more flexible a great idea would be starting your day as early as it gets and catching up on sleep later in the day when even your ceiling starts to radiate the "dry" heat.


Stay cool this Summer! :)

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