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prior to moving into a campervan // where do I start ?

So you click follow on those picturesque accounts you see on Instagram’s explore page and imagine yourself driving down the highways or forest roads with a sturdy tan around your ray ban glasses while your pup is sticking its tongue out to the wind. Then the sun sets as you cheer with a good beverage to all the amazing people you just met (or the stars if you drove away from people finally). Then you post that #morningview pic right out of your open van door. All mountains and waterfalls surrounding you.  


Trekking in California - traveling lifestyle and life on the road


OR rather...


campervan camping in the forest near Yosemite - snow


You start out and within few hours you have to challenge your cooking abilities with the use of a single propane stove or an open fire, then do dishes in a tiny bucket using collected water, later might need to pack it all up under the rain or look for a while for a night parking spot. Shower with with wet towels? But still wake up to a great view and realize it was all worth it.


Yosemite national park hike - view of the higher Yosemite Falls


Yosemite National Park - view of Half Dome mountain


Not gonna lie - the has been a huge spike in the life-on-the-road trend. People either love to explore while enjoying the benefits of distant jobs or live on somebody’s lawn in San Francisco suburbs while grinding through that new Facebook job growth they are trying to attain. Either way, it’s a simplistic way of life that you need to accept. Amazon Prime doesn’t deliver to you and anyway there’s no room for those boxes. 


Mexican cuisine - taco Tuesday - California food


campervan lifestyle - cooking on the go - camping food


Just as with moving to a different country it is best to do that “FREE TRIAL” stage first. And while there is no such thing as “van sitting” yet you can get all the advantages as well as issues of the traveling MORTGAGE-FREE  lifestyle when renting a campervan. My friend and I have just finished our California trip in one of those. 


camping coffee in the morning - espresso vibes - camping food


Choose one locally and pay attention to mileage charges. Have your insurance in mind and download those offline google maps for the off the grid spots. Bring plenty of water and enthusiasm. Check for chains requirements and weather conditions along the way. We faced it all - rain, shine,  and snow. Big thanks to the awning. 


camping lifestyle blog


If you love unique experiences and appreciate art definitely go with Escape Campervans - their vans are all hand painted by the cool local people with nice karma attached to your travel spirit.

If you are looking for the more budget and blend-in option check out the Lost Campers. Their IKEA mattresses are a blessing.


Golden Gate Bridge and a FREE Couloir[ART.] sticker


Whichever you choose, remember to be road-smart and don’t buy all the #nofilter posts for Constanta campervan lifestyle.


Yosemite Valley view drawing



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