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The Story of the Lost Dutchman (Superstition Mtns legends)


Where did the gold go??? ☀️


The legend of Lost Dutchman is very interesting and won’t cease to aspire the dreams of uncovering the lost gold in the Superstition wilderness of Arizona.

According to the story the Peralta family from Mexico owned a gold mine in these desert mountains. During their last trip to transfer gold home to Mexico they were sabotaged and killed (accept for the couple survivors able to escape).

In the 1870s ‘the Dutchman Jacob Waltz appeared to have found the mine and worked it along with his partner who later was also killed under controversial circumstances.

We never found any but legend has it you might still have a chance 😉 or at least a great hike as the State Park that is now is one of the most picturesque areas East of Phoenix. And remember to stay hydrated in these deserty landscapes! 💦


Goldfield Ghost Town Facts:

  • Originally struck gold on 1892, said to have been worth $3 million
  • It is known to be a great place to take kids to, there are activities for the whole family (horse back riding, carriage rides), and the town is still constructed in the historic old west aesthetic

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