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Sedona Cathedral Rock (admiring the red rocks)


Sixth sense might be real if you live in Sedona, AZ. According to the Travel Channel Sedona is in the top psychic cities in the US (among New Orleans and Asheville, NC, and Lily Dale, NY).


Sedona is the home of the Yavapai-Apache, who held a spring ceremony every year at Boynton Canyon where the Great Spirit Mother gave birth to the human race. Historically, the Red Rocks were not supposed to be resided on as they were considered very sacred. According to the New Age community, Sedona is also one of the world’s greatest hotspots for psychic energy and it creates portals that enhance consciousness.


Fun facts:

  • best time to hike is around sunset for the best views and photo opportunities
  • Taking a weekend to visit Sedona is well worth it! There is not only great hiking spots, but the town center is home to fun and eclectic shops full of art an souvenir from local artists.
  • You can also visit slide rock for some natural swimming and adventure

From the Bigfoot to the UFO sightings Sedona boasts some of the most breathtaking tales. The strength of the energy alone allegedly is enough to twist the juniper trees which cover a big part of Sedona rocky terrains.

Sedona owes its vortex-rich reputation to Page Bryant who in 1980 referred to four of his most popular meditation spots (Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, and Bell Rock) as ‘vortexes’.

Sedona has a population of 10,377 (2021). Its land area is 19.07 sq mi. It's located at an elevation of 4,350 ft. And it is the 44th largest city in Arizona.

Sedona has been inhabited as far back as 11,500 BC. Among the tribes that lived there were the Sinagua people, the Yavapai people, and the Apache. The first caucasian settlers arrived in the area in 1876. And the first post office was built in the 20th century. In the 1950s there were only 155 registered citizens in Sedona’s phone book.

What truly captivated us and inspired this design were Sedona’s sandstone formations deposited during the Permian Period 298.9 - 251.902 mil years ago (Mya) and an iconic Cathedral Rock. They appear to glow with fiery oranges and reds when illuminated by the sunset or sunrise and are striking with a blue sky in the backdrop.

Sedona was named after Theodore Carlton Shnebly’s (the city’s first postmaster) wife Sedona Arabella Miller. Its name and landscapes have appeared since then in multiple movies (including Desert Fury) and songs (including Aerosmith’s ‘Sedona Sunrise’)


P.S. If you only saw Sedona on this water bottle - go spend at least a few hours there on the day trip. It is well worth it! And remember to always stay hydrated! 😉💦



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