banana camp mug hand printed in Arizona
banana camp mug hand printed in Arizona - insulated travel mug
banana drawing black and white on the insulated locally printed waterbottle made in the USA

Banana Camp Mug

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This year has been BANANAS. But what’s better than making a banana bread with it??.. Going on the next adventure with a banana camp mug!! Whatever far off land you’re daydreaming about, Couloir is your reliable companion.

Hand-printed in Arizona, these mugs are as sturdy as a Saguaro (hint: they won’t break!).
Your mugs may chip, but imperfections add character. They will always stay safe to drink from and the handle will stay intact.
Each design has its own story to inspire you on your next adventure, whether it’s getting lost in a new book on a cozy couch or catching an epic sunrise before a day’s climb.

This enamel mug can be reused in various ways:
· Planter for herbs and greens (enamel doesn’t rust!)
· Baking dish for mini desserts, lava cake anyone? They are oven safe and easy to handle
· Creative candle holder and carrier. No more burned fingers
· Campfire water heater. Just hold it above the flames
· Perfect substitute for a dog’s hiking bowl. Less spillage and just as light as silicone bowls.
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Technical characteristics:
3.5 Inch Diameter - Stands 3.25 Inches Tall
Solid White with Chrome Trim Finish
Stovetop/fire and Dishwasher safe
Enamelware is not intended for microwave use
Locally made in Arizona, USA

Care Instructions: Washing by hand is recommended. This mug is not microwave safe.